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We at Virtually Dead are bringing in the latest in technology and entertainment and combining them to make something extraordinary.

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We provide a wide range of services from games and movies which seem genuinely realistic with the help of Virtual Reality.

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You can experience yourself in the game or the movie to help understand the drama in real life.

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We are trying to make the graphics more believable to ensure true to touch features.

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  • Virtual reality has been the talk of the town for years now. VR films have been surprisingly well-received by viewers throughout. One of the reasons is that it is incredibly engaging and immersive when compared to non-VR movies. VR has also blended with 360-degree experience to provide better viewing experiences for the audience. VR is still at its foundation stage and yet, entirely several impressive VR films have been released in the past decade. Five of those movies are:  

    1. Invasion– Invasion is one film that can be enjoyed by both the adult and the children population. Moreover, it is an Emmy award-winning short film that is filled with colours. The storyline revolves around two aliens planning on invading the world, who later meet two little bunnies. It has incredible visuals and well-designed animation. The short film is narrated by Ethan Hawke, who does an excellent job. The Virtual reality effect only amplifies the colours and the other-world experience.
    1. Ashes to Ashes – Ashes to Ashes is one film that a Virtual Reality lover cannot miss. It is not a children’s film but a must-watch for adults. The story centres around a dysfunctional family that struggles to cope with the loss of a member of the family. The member’s last wish was to have his ashes blown up. In the film, the viewer becomes a passive observer. The film also shows the BTS process and clips of the crew filming and actors out of character.
    1. It: Float– Stephen King’s It was retold as a modern tale through Virtual Reality. It belongs to the genre of horror. The film features excellent graphics and exposes the clown Pennywise’s home. It takes dark turns and twists which every horror film lover should check out. It amplifies the element of horror attached to the film and delivers a fantastic VR experience.
    1. The Conjuring 2– This film also provides a 360 experience along with Virtual Reality. The VR experience was made for the promotion of Conjuring 2. In this film, the viewers are taken to the Hodgson’s house. The lights begin to flicker, objects start falling, and the wall starts spinning, shortly after the film begins.
    1. The Invisible Man – The Invisible man, adheres to a fixed storyline, unlike other VR films that focus on the experience. The characters in the film are drug traffickers who have a hidden stash of drugs in a barn. However, they owe a debt to a character who turns up demanding a settlement with a game of Russian Roulette. It is slightly on the scary side but has an intriguing end.